Study and Memorization

October 16, 2017

Studying the Bible is something that every Christian needs to learn to do. It’s not just for the pastor, church worker, or missionary. The difference between reading or meditating on the Word and studying the Word would be the use of certain study helps or tools. By tools, I mean reference works such as concordances, Bible dictionaries, Bible handbooks, Greek and Hebrew word studies, commentaries, etc. All of these can be very beneficial in our understanding of the Scriptures. If for some reason these types of resources are not available to you, a good study Bible will do.

Gifted Bible Teachers

Another way of fulfilling the need for Bible study is to sit under gifted Bible teachers who teach systematically through the Scriptures. If you have been blessed with this somewhat rare opportunity, I exhort you to thank God and take full advantage of it. In whatever way is best for you, make Bible study a regular part of your life. Rest assured that in doing so, you are further equipping yourself with the armor of God.

Commit God’s Word to Memory

My final bit of advice is to memorize Scripture. Committing the Word of God to memory is indeed a vital part of putting on the whole armor of God. In John’s first epistle, chapter 2, verse 4, he states that the strength of the young men who are victorious over the devil stems from the Word of God abiding in them. There is no better way to assure the Word of God is abiding in you than to memorize it.

Start by reading over and over again those Scriptures that speak most powerfully to you. If need be, write them down on a piece of paper and read them over several times each day until they become a part of you. You will find that the Lord will bring those particular verses to mind as powerful resources in your overall arsenal of spiritual weapons.