Reading and Meditation

October 9, 2017

So how can we increase our knowledge of the Scriptures? Reading is ordinarily our first and simplest approach. Perhaps we begin in Genesis and read right through to Revelation. On our way, the Holy Spirit is slowly, but surely reprogramming us and creating in us a Christ-centered worldview. By consistently reading through the Scriptures, we are being trained by the Holy Spirit to think spiritually. The Lord is imparting to us the mind of Christ.

The Written Word ­­- The Living Word

I like to read my Bible in the evenings before going to sleep. It’s a great way to end the day. By reading at an average speed for forty-five minutes to an hour each evening, we can get through the entire Bible in less than a year. Once we’ve finished, we can go back to Genesis and start all over again. The better we know the written Word, the better we’ll know the living Word—the Lord Jesus Christ!

To Ponder

Meditation is another approach to the Scriptures. Meditation, of course, includes reading, but it is a more analytical approach. The word meditate means “to ponder.” It means to talk to oneself. That’s what we’re to do with the Word—think about it and talk to ourselves about it.

Meditating differs from casual reading because it takes more time and greater concentration. When meditating on a portion of Scripture, I’m praying over it and at the same time asking myself questions. To whom was this written? What does it say? How does it apply to me? What are some other Scriptures that relate to what’s being said?

Promise of Blessing

When meditating, I usually have a pen and notepad handy in order to jot down anything the Lord might impress upon my heart and mind. For me, meditation is best early in the morning and I prefer to meditate on the New Testament. However, each of us has to find our own niche. So find the time that works best for you. The promise of blessing is to the one whose “delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night” (Psalm 1:2). Try to spend as much time as you can meditating on the Word. Make it a priority!