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Many who know and love the Lord never fully experience God’s grace the way He intends them to. The book of Romans gives us clear understanding that it is by grace and grace alone that we are saved, sanctified, and will ultimately be glorified. The epistle to the Romans brings us the gospel of the grace of God.


In it we discover:


  • Man’s depravity, condemnation, and utter inability to save himself
  • God’s saving work through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • The blessings and eternal security of those who are in Christ Jesus
  • The past, present, and future of God’s¬†ancient people, Israel
  • What it means to present our bodies as living sacrifices acceptable to God


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, “Romans possibly played a more important and crucial part in the history of the church than any other single book of the whole Bible.” We trust and pray that as you study through Romans, God will do a great work of grace in your life.


Includes 68 in-depth commentary messages in MP3 audio format on an 8 GB reusable flashdrive key.

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