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How did Jesus respond to the hopeless, the cynic, or those caught in sin?


These ten Jesus Encounters found in the Gospel of John reveal what it was like for the average person to encounter Jesus.


In these encounters, we see how Jesus will respond to us: with grace, with truth, and with love.



Messages include:

Jesus and the Religious Person – John 3:1-16

Jesus and the Thirsty Soul – John 4:1-26

Jesus and the Helpless Man – John 5:1-15

Jesus and the Woman Who Was a Sinner – John 8:1-11

Jesus and the Blind Men – John 9:1-38

Jesus and Those Who Grieve – John 11:1-44

Jesus and the Seekers – John 12:20-33

Jesus and the Cynic – John 18:28-38

Jesus and the Doubter – John 20:19-29

Jesus and Those Who Falter – John 21:1-19


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