Marriage: A Good Gift

March 6, 2017

Last week, we looked at the first key to a God-glorifying marriage, that being marriage is a stewardship, and we will be held accountable to Him for how we treat our spouses. Second, we need to recognize that marriage is a gift from God to be enjoyed. What is the idea behind a gift? Well, it’s something given to please another, to bless, something the other person will enjoy. And our marriages are God’s gift to us for enjoyment. When God saw the loneliness of man, He said that it wasn’t good. Man needs to be with somebody. But isn’t it true that sometimes our marital relationships are anything but enjoyable?

Thinking Back

I’ve sat in counseling situations with couples and have listened as they traded insults back and forth with one another. I’m just spectating at that point. On a few occasions, I have actually interrupted the insult match and said, “Excuse me? A few questions. Was there ever a time when you liked each other? Was there ever a time when you were friends? Let’s think back to that time for a minute. How did you go from there to where you are today?” Some people are so miserable that they’ve forgotten why they got married in the first place.

What God Intended

When you get to a place like that, realize that is not what God intended. But here’s the great news. It doesn’t have to stay that way because, more than likely, it didn’t begin there. So how do you get back to that place? By remembering that marriage is a gift, and He intends that we enjoy it.