John, more than any other Gospel writer, reveals the deity of Christ. Jesus was not simply a perfect man, He was the God-man – the man who was also God. Christ was not God in disguise, but God in the flesh. Jesus became one of us, possessing as His very own a true and full human nature from His conception. John brings that out wonderfully, again and again. In this study of the Gospel of John, we will get a fresh look at Jesus and see firsthand what God is like.

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01/20/07 Love and Obedience
01/27/07 The Vine and the Branches
02/03/07 Abiding
02/10/07 Be of Good Cheer
02/24/07 Ministry of the Holy Spirit
03/10/07 The Prayer of Jesus
05/05/07 Crucifixion
05/26/07 That You Might Believe
06/09/07 Restored and Recommissioned