God’s Design for Marriage

January 30, 2017

Biblical marriage is constantly under attack in our culture; therefore, I want to take a fresh look at the Bible’s teaching on marriage. Debates surround the subject of marriage. What is it? When and how did it originate? Did it evolve over time? Are we free to reinvent marriage according to our likes and dislikes?

According to some, marriage is a social institution based on an outdated value system that has outlived its usefulness and should be replaced by something more relevant. Marriage, they say, needs to be redefined to include other than the male/female relationship. Same-sex marriage has been declared a constitutional right by the president and imposed by the courts nationwide.

Is There a Right or Wrong View Regarding Marriage?

A 2008 Gallup survey on values and belief found that 70 percent of Americans believe that divorce is morally acceptable. Many have no problem with living together as a couple versus getting legally married. But are there right and wrong views regarding marriage? Is there an authoritative word on what marriage is and what it isn’t? If there is no God, then there’s no right or wrong about anything—all distinctions are just people’s personal opinions. However, if there is a God, if Jesus is the only unique Son of God and the Bible is His Word, then there is a right way to understand and experience marriage.

What We Believe

That, of course, is our position. We believe that there is a God, that Jesus is God’s Son, and that the Bible is God’s Word. We have definitive statements in Scripture regarding these topics. In the coming weeks, we will be looking at three things concerning marriage. First, its origin: where did marriage come from? Second, what is the purpose of marriage? And third, having discovered the purpose of marriage (the glory of God), how do we best glorify God in our marriages?