God of This Age

May 15, 2017

Satan is indeed active! He is manipulating the forces of nature and bringing disaster upon men, he is at work in society oppressing people through various philosophies that lead to tyranny and war, and he’s busy spreading false religion that he might steal men’s souls and rob them of eternal life.

Prayer and Proclamation

As we gain a greater awareness of Satan’s activities in the world, may it provoke us to a greater use of the mighty weapons of prayer and the proclamation of the gospel. It’s through prayer that catastrophe can be turned into an opportunity for God to work. It’s through both prayer and proclamation that God intervenes in the affairs of men by pouring out His Spirit and bringing about radical change. The Reformation and the Great Awakenings are good examples of God using adverse conditions to accomplish His work. It’s through the proclamation of the gospel that men are freed from the blinding effects of false religion and brought to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Military Strategy

Any good military strategist makes it a point to know the strategy of his enemy. The more familiar we are with the devil’s schemes, the more effective we will be in overcoming him and helping others to do so as well. Next week, we will proceed to still another aspect of the devil’s activity, “the wiles of the devil.”