Belt of Truth

August 21, 2017

The belt is mentioned first because it is the foundational piece of the armor. It gave the soldier mobility and support. For us, it is the belt of truth. The truths of the Word of God are the foundation from which our warfare is waged. To be girded with the truth means to know the truth and believe it. We cannot withstand the enemy by human reason, tradition, personal charisma, or any other carnal means. God’s truth alone must shape our thinking and living.

World Full of Lies

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we live in a world full of lies. It’s hard to get at the truth today. Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers or on the Internet? I hope not. Unfortunately, for most people, truth is not a high priority. Here in the United States, we have witnessed a major integrity crisis in the corporate world and among some of our leading politicians, not to mention the day-to-day deceit of one kind or another that we have sadly come to expect. We are actually living in a time when the very concept of truth is being challenged and in some cases openly denied. This makes it all the more important that we as Christians are men and women of truth.

Knowing the Truth

Putting on the belt of truth, then, means knowing THE TRUTH, as well as being full of integrity personally. There should be no guile or deceit in us at all.