The Resurrection of Jesus: Changed Lives

The final proof that convinces me of Jesus’ resurrection is the tens of millions of lives that have been transformed throughout history by encountering the resurrected Christ. There is no explanation for this transformation apart from Jesus being alive. Some might argue that Christianity isn’t the only religion that produces change in people’s lives, and […]

The Resurrection of Jesus: The Historical Record

How do we know the resurrection really happened? There is the historical record. How do we know that anything ever happened before our lifetime? Well, we know what happened because people who lived in the past wrote these events down and passed those records on to us. That’s what history is. We know that there […]

The Resurrection of Christ: Power Over Death

The resurrection of Jesus is, as stated last time, the cornerstone of Christianity; therefore, we will spend a few more weeks considering this vitally important doctrine. Jesus didn’t merely say He had power over death, He demonstrated it. I love the story of Jesus raising a poor widow’s son from the dead (See Luke 7). […]

The Resurrection of Christ: Cornerstone of Faith

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead really is the cornerstone of the Christian faith and what truly sets Jesus apart as unique. Christianity stands or falls on the reality of the resurrection. Once again, I’m compelled to say that it’s hard to believe there are so-called theologians who deny the resurrection but still […]

The Death of Christ

The death of Jesus of Nazareth is truly unique; it is unlike any other death. The Bible tells us that Jesus died in our place, not merely in a physical sense, but He died in our place in the greater spiritual sense. He died the death of a sinner under the wrath of God for […]


I AM. John 8:58 I’ve saved this I AM statement for last because it is the most profound thing Jesus ever said. How is that possible, in light of all that we’ve already considered? A little background on this declaration of Jesus will, I think, explain it. As Jesus was disputing with the Jewish leaders, […]

The True Vine

I am the true vine. John 15:1 In this statement, Jesus is declaring that it’s only through being connected to Him that we can live a spiritually and eternally productive life. Do we even think of life in those terms these days? Some certainly think of being productive members of society, being productive vocationally, or […]

The Way, Truth, and Life

I am the way, the truth, and the life. John 14:6 Some years ago, I was traveling by train from London to Oxford and sat next to a man who I spent the journey talking with. In our conversation, we came around to discussing the subject of truth. He insisted there was no such thing […]

The Resurrection and Life

I am the resurrection and the life. John 11:25 Jesus’s claim to be the resurrection and the life is so radical that it does not allow the hearer to hold a neutral position concerning Him. As C. S. Lewis said, there are only three possibilities with Jesus: He is a liar, a lunatic, or the […]

The Good Shepherd

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. John 10:11 Sheep are one of the only animals that cannot take care of themselves. They have no homing instincts and are therefore easily lost. They have no defensive skills and are therefore easy prey. They have no sense of danger […]