Back to Basics is the teaching and preaching ministry of Pastor Brian Brodersen. Back to Basics provides practical biblical principles for daily living found in the Word of God. On this website, you will find a collection of teachings, books, videos, and other valuable resources that will encourage your walk with the Lord.


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When God Became One of Us: A 40-Day Journey Through the Gospel of John by Brian Brodersen

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to take a fresh look at Jesus. This intriguing and brief overview of the Gospel of John will open our eyes to the truth of His glory and greatness, for it is through Jesus that we have hope, peace, forgiveness, and abundant life. May this devotional give you a richer understanding of the Incarnation—when God became one of us.

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Saul and Jesus on the Road to Damascus Part 2


The Silence Is Broken

John 1:19-34 How do you feel when you’re promised something and end up waiting a long time for the promise to be kept? Seasons of silence can rattle our nerves—and stretch our faith. The Jewish people knew about waiting. In 538 BC the Jews, who had been captive in Babylon for seventy years, began returning […]