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We would like to send you a gift for supporting Back to Basics. Our gift for this month, for a donation of any size, is the book, “Radical Prayer: The Power of Being Bold and Persistent,”.. by Manny Mill.  Many of us pray with little heart.  We mutter the usual prayer and leave with little expectation. But is this how Jesus taught us to pray?

In 2010, Manny’s wife Barbara was in an automobile accident. This event caused him to ask, “How can I treat God like a paramedic, calling out to Him only when there’s an emergency?” God used this as the impetus to begin to transform Manny’s prayer life. When you pray consistently, persistently, and boldly for the hallowing of God’s holy name, big things happen. Radical Prayer gives us a glimpse of the transformative and explosive power of praying in God’s will, a power that takes place internally and manifests externally.

Whether your prayer life is strong or in shambles, Radical Prayer will compel you to a life of bold, persistent, transformative, and expectant prayer.

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The Condemnation of the Religious Man Part 3


Waiting on the Lord

Part 3 “[Lord] … What is man that You are mindful of him?” Psalm 8:4a We concluded last time with a look at the omnipotence of God. He is our Creator, but He is also our Sustainer, and He deals with His people with compassion. We see that in the text of Isaiah 40: He will […]