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Let Justice Roll Down  by John M. Perkins


Racism. How can we respond biblically to racial injustice and become ministers of reconciliation? This autobiography of John Perkins provides his perspective and personal experiences. John’s brother died in his arms, shot by a deputy. John himself was beaten and tortured by the police. But because of faith in Jesus, he returned good for evil, love for hate, progress for prejudice, and hope for black and white alike.


This book will strengthen your faith as you read this first-hand testimony of how God continues to break down walls of racism and social injustice. You too can experience the same transforming work of faith that allowed John to respond to such overwhelming indignities with miraculous compassion and vision, love and forgiveness.


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Pressing Toward the Goal Part 1


The Resurrection of Christ: Cornerstone of Faith

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead really is the cornerstone of the Christian faith and what truly sets Jesus apart as unique. Christianity stands or falls on the reality of the resurrection. Once again, I’m compelled to say that it’s hard to believe there are so-called theologians who deny the resurrection but still […]