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For the month of March, Back to Basics is offering a book titled, Gullible’s Travels By Nick Long


This book is full of personal stories from both the highs and lows of life in the ministry and exposes the behind-the-scenes workings of the powers of darkness that oppose all those who step out in faith to serve Christ. Nick and Sue have been very courageous to put their reputations on the altar in the hope that through their testimony,

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And when you give a gift to Back to Basics, and you would like for us to send you the PROMO book please email us at CONTACT@BACKTOBASICSRADIO.COM with your address and we’ll send you this book as our way to say thank you. We do appreciate your generous support to this ministry.







The Beginning of the End Part 1


The Resurrection of Jesus: Changed Lives

The final proof that convinces me of Jesus’ resurrection is the tens of millions of lives that have been transformed throughout history by encountering the resurrected Christ. There is no explanation for this transformation apart from Jesus being alive. Some might argue that Christianity isn’t the only religion that produces change in people’s lives, and […]