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Gullible’s Travels: One Pastor’s Journey from Bondage and Addiction to Freedom and Victory by Nick Long


This fascinating biography of grace is about an ordinary man powerfully saved and powerfully used by God. But it is also a story about this same man’s great fall and the lengths to which God went to bring him back.


This book is for those who love a good autobiography. It’s for those who struggle with addition; for those who think they’ve strayed too far from God; for those who think their marriage is irreparable. Nick’s story shows the absolute power of God and His ability to restore messy lives and make all things new.


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The Bible, Christianity, and Slavery Part 2


The Resurrection of Jesus: Changed Lives

The final proof that convinces me of Jesus’ resurrection is the tens of millions of lives that have been transformed throughout history by encountering the resurrected Christ. There is no explanation for this transformation apart from Jesus being alive. Some might argue that Christianity isn’t the only religion that produces change in people’s lives, and […]