Things That Matter Lance Ralston on the Relevance of Church History for Today
Things That Matter / September 29, 2017

Enjoy this episode of “Things That Matter,” as Pastor Lance Ralston of Calvary Oxnard shares about the relevance of church history with Pastor Brian Brodersen. As we celebrate the 500th year of the Reformations in the 16th century, Pastor Ralston recounts the Church’s labor in studying the Scriptures that has led to our verse by verse teaching, a hallmark of Calvary Chapel. You can hear more in-depth discussions of church history through his podcast, “Communion Sanctorum: The History of the Christian Church.”  In closing, they discuss the importance of church history as a guide when addressing challenges in today’s culture. Be encouraged to learn more of our heritage as the Church, and how God’s hand has preserved the Scriptures through the course of time.