Things That Matter: Joel Goldberg on the Culture of Israel & Youth Ministry
Things That Matter / April 6, 2017

Pastor Brian Brodersen interviews Joel Goldberg, director of Netivah Youth Ministry, based in Israel, on this episode of Things That Matter. Joel grew up in an unique situation of having a Messianic Jewish background in Israel. He expresses the challenges of that situation; however, Joel is also able to see the work that God was doing to prepare him for Netivah that he now directs, geared towards teenagers. Joel provides a great synopsis of the current vibe and feel of Israel, as the society has become more open towards Christianity. Although it is still unpopular for Jews to believe in Jesus, postmodern thought and a greater influence of media has changed the culture of Israel to be more tolerant of different beliefs. While this has affected young people to become more atheistic or agnostic, it has also opened Messianic Jews to share their faith in Jesus more openly. Netivah has been created to support and aid young people, especially as they enter into their service in the Israeli military, as both men and women are required to serve for a time. Please pray for Netivah and pray for Israel!