Waiting on the Lord

October 31, 2016

Part 4

Learning to Wait

So, what does it mean to wait? This is probably where the greatest difficulty comes in because we do not like to wait for anything. Human beings, in general, are impatient by nature. You find a few patient people here and there, but most of us want things to happen quickly. We especially don’t like to wait through trying, difficult circumstances.

Let me give you a picture of what waiting does not look like. If I’m in a state of panic, I’m not waiting. I’m not in a frenzy if I’m waiting on the Lord. Second, if I’m waiting on the Lord, I’m not striving. I’m not forcing my will: it has to happen now, and it has to happen this way. Neither will I be fighting for my rights nor will I be scheming, plotting and planning in my mind.

But, as opportunities come to wait on the Lord, you can be sure that we’ll be tempted to panic, to strive, to fight, to scheme. We have to resist that because waiting is basically trusting. And those who are waiting and trusting the Lord are resting in Him and depending on Him to do what He has promised.

This is the place of peace. We are liberated from all of that stress when we come to the place of saying, Lord, I’m waiting on You in faith.

Waiting on the Lord is faith. Trusting God is faith. It’s saying, Lord, I believe You. Even though the circumstances seem to indicate something else, I believe You and am going to stand on Your promises.

Over 20 years ago, I remember a very vivid moment of being weak and powerless, and in many ways, hopeless that things would ever change for the better. But I remembered in my frailty the promise of Isaiah 40:31: They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I grabbed hold of it and said, “They means anybody, and I’m going to take hold of that promise. Lord, I’m going to wait upon You and I’m going to trust You.” And today I can tell you that God did exactly what He said He would do. It wasn’t in my timeframe, and it wasn’t immediate, but He renewed my strength. He was and is a faithful God.

He has all power, He knows everything, and He is in control. And He says to us today, Those who wait upon Him shall renew their strength. Believe it and rest.