Sermon on the Mount

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives instruction on how His people are to live, describing what life and community look like when His followers come under the gracious rule of God. So much of what we see in the church today is rigid and unattractive. But the Lord is able to do a fresh, new work of transformation. We, as the church, are to take our cue directly from Jesus. We are to be entirely different from others, countercultural, if you will. In this series, Pastor Brian teaches in-depth through this well-known passage and shows how our lives can be revolutionized through the power of the gospel.

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09/13/08 Christ, the Law, and the Christian
09/20/08 Jesus, on the True Intent of the Law
09/27/08 The Christian and Hypocrisy
10/04/08 The Disciples
10/11/08 Treasure in Heaven
11/02/08 The Light That is Darkness
11/08/08 God
11/15/08 Judging Righteously
11/22/08 A Promise to the Persistent
11/29/08 Beware of False Prophets